Upcycled Craft Kits

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Reducing waste and saving the planet need not always be dreary and serious stuff! There are many ways to upcycle scrap that are not only environmentally conscious but are also fun and socially engaging, contributing to quality family time with adults and kids working together.


Our upcycled craft kits are fun to use, quirky and educative bundles that will guarantee you a great time in building them either individually or together as a family. The kits are suitable for individuals and families and cater to a wide range of age groups. Most of the items in your kit are upcycled or are being reused in the process; and the funds generated through its sale go towards our research-based project called the ScrapLab.


So, let’s get started with our innovative Upcycled Scrap-DIY-Kits available at our online store, and embark on a fun and educative journey towards saving our Planet!!!