Every year as much as *2.01 billion tons of solid waste is generated globally, across sectors; households, small businesses and industries. Less than *20% of this is actually recycled. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste that is discarded by us each day? Things we consider scrap, is thrown away so often and replaced with something new each time. *More than half of this waste is currently openly dumped or go into landfills; the trajectories of waste growth have vast implications on the environment and our health. Based on current levels, global waste production is projected to rise by 70% by the year 2050 as per the *World Bank.

While there are organizations that work towards recycling waste/scrap, the process itself most often leads to large amounts of carbon emissions that negate the efforts put into recycling them. We believe that the most viable solution to handling waste/scrap is upcycling; a concept that creates products of better value and utility, without having to break down waste/scrap completely in any way, with no further release of carbon emissions.


With this focus, we at Alternative Foundation have launched Project- ScrapLab, an extensive research-based initiative focussing on data collection on the availability of waste/scrap, documenting its lifecycle and how it can be reused and upcycled; We intend to create a virtual and a physical scrap library for public consumption and simultaneously create products of higher value (from the scrap) that can be replicated by various stakeholders or bought by customers for personal use. The project aims at promoting Best Practices in handling and discarding waste/scrap, bringing into the mainstream, reuse of discarded materials and making conscious and responsible lifestyle choices. 


Initiatives under ScrapLab


ScrapLab Collection - Alternative Foundation collects scrap and waste in an ongoing process from various sources. Our focus is also to collect and compile data on materials discarded every day across various industries, individuals and households. The aim of this initiative is to virtually organize information related to scarp, that can be accessed by the public.


We also announce our scrap donation centers locally where the same can be dropped off, or keep you on our database in case you have scrap that you might want to pass on to someone who can reuse it. In the meanwhile, if you have something you’d like to donate or purchase, feel free to write to us!


ScrapLab Library – In an ongoing process, we have been collecting data and adding to an exhaustive list of scrap material which will eventually lead to a virtual as well as a physical library of materials for reuse. Design schools, students, artists, architects and others will soon have access to comprehensive data on scrap available for reuse, in their areas.


ScrapLab Trail – Alternative Foundation conducts ScrapLab Trail for individuals, schools, corporates and institutions in order to spread awareness about the issue at hand, waste and scrap related information, the concept of upcycling and reuse and tackling the problem at source responsibly. Contact us to book your ScrapLab Trail!