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Art for a Cause

An initiative by Alternative Reuse and Upcycling Foundation to support Project ScrapLab,

that aims to minimize the negative impact created by discarded scrap and waste on our environment!


Hey kids, how about creating some artwork for charity and supporting a cause?! Volunteering for a charity is something all of us must do as it teaches us empathy, responsiveness, compassion and gratitude. Alternative R&U Foundation is giving you a chance to support Project ScrapLab, an initiative that aims to minimize the negative impact created by discarded scrap and waste on our environment! Ever wondered what happens to the plastic bottles we throw away or the milk packets that are discarded in our daily trash? The colorful packaging of your favorite brand of cookies, wafers and chips; where does it land up? Your old clothes and sheets, pens and erasers that are thrown away also create massive pollution! While the damage done so far is irreversible, we can surely begin by being more responsible in how we discard scrap or how we can prolong the use of everything we have in our house, while learning how they should be discarded responsibly or upcycled thereafter! Project ScrapLab aims to exactly tackle this problem and we would be delighted to have you support us in this journey. We invite you to participate in this initiative where we want you to use your imagination and create original artwork that we will display and put-up for sale on our website and social media pages. We will call you our “Young Eco-Warriors” who are helping raise funds for this cause to make our environment cleaner and greener in every step of our way!


Here’s how it will work:

  • You create an artwork of your choice. There is no specific topic as we want you to do what you like and use your imagination to create something someone else might want to adorn their walls with!

  • Artwork should, however, be on an A4 size paper and the medium of colors should be watercolors, acrylic or crayons. The painting must not carry any text/letters/captions.

  • Maximum 02 submissions are permitted per person.

  • You have a month to create them. Once ready, simply send/courier it to us and we will frame it up and put it on sale on our website and social media pages.

  • You will get a certificate of appreciation and a gift voucher.

  • Age limit is 05-18 years.

  • Please attach a separate note (on another sheet of paper) describing your artwork or the cause you are supporting, along with your name, age, address, phone number.

  • The funds raised from its sale will go towards Project ScrapLab.


Send in your entries to:

Sonali Phadke

Alternative Reuse and Upcycling Foundation,

402, Shivalay Apartment, Anand Niketan Society, Karvenagar, Pune 411052


For further information about us, write to us at

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