Alternative R&U Foundation intends to research 6 types of discarded scrap that majorly pollute the environment. This includes -discarded plastic (of all types), foil wrappers, milk packets, rice bags, cement bags and tyre tubes that we will work with, to make 12 base materials that can be stitched and integrated into creating products of value and utility, using various techniques, creating 6 product prototypes under this initiative. Less privileged adults will be trained with the skill and involved in the production process, providing them with an opportunity to earn a livelihood.

ScrapLab is an extensive research-based initiative focussing on data collection on the availability of waste/scrap, documenting its lifecycle and how it can be reused and upcycled; We intend to create a virtual and a physical scrap library for public consumption and simultaneously create products prototypes from scrap, that can be replicated by various stakeholders or bought by customers for personal use. The project aims at promoting Best Practices in handling and discarding waste/scrap, bringing into mainstream, reuse of discarded materials and making conscious and responsible lifestyle choices.


Art for a Cause is an initiative to support Project ScrapLab, which aims to minimize the negative impact created by discarded scrap and waste on our environment!