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We are happy to announce our first campaign to raise funds for the cause of “Responsible Consumption and Reuse of products” that we strongly support. We have handpicked, restored and curated sparsely used sarees to encourage their prolonged use and reuse. Funds from the campaign will go towards making mainstream products out of discarded clothes and rags that will further create livelihood opportunities for rural women that will be recruited in the production process. While upcycling old sarees on its own is a fun activity, we want to take this opportunity to connect to women from various backgrounds who have participated wholeheartedly – from donating their beautiful sarees to participating in the photoshoot. The sarees will be up for sale and we will utilise the funds from this campaign for garbage research activities at foundation.

The campaign promotes the concept of upcycling discarded scrap, to create frames for artwork donated by children, that helps recreate mundane spaces at the hospitals, bringing in the much-needed cheer.

Objective: Upcycling and reuse; awareness through participation and display.

Project Duration: 2021 – 2022

Beneficiary Outreach: 01 hospital with a patient inflow of over a thousand per day (in the paediatric ward).

Status: On-going

A campaign that supported upcycling and reuse of fabric by recreating an alternative product, while employing women from less privileged backgrounds. The quilts made with old sarees were donated to those in need, in association with Hope for the Children Foundation, an NGO in Pune city, that works with daily wage farm labourers living in extreme poverty in the regions of Talegaon Dhabade, Maharashtra.

Objective: Upcycling and reuse while promoting livelihoods.

Project Duration: October 2020-March 2021

Beneficiary Outreach: 50 persons

Status: Complete

This campaign was launched specifically to support those affected by the second wave of the pandemic. Funds were generated to buy food grains and other essentials for the beneficiaries identified in and around Pune city.

Essentials were distributed in the first phase of the campaign to the transgenders, while in the second phase, essentials along with sarees and reusable sanitary pads were distributed to the sex workers.

Objective: Covid relief

Project Duration: March – April 2021

Beneficiary Outreach: 300 persons

Status: Complete


Alternative R&U Foundation intends to research 6 types of discarded scrap that majorly pollute the environment. This includes -discarded plastic (of all types), foil wrappers, milk packets, rice bags, cement bags and tyre tubes that we will work with, to make 12 base materials that can be stitched and integrated into creating products of value and utility, using various techniques, creating 6 product prototypes under this initiative. Less privileged adults will be trained with the skill and involved in the production process, providing them with an opportunity to earn a livelihood.

Scrap Library

The project was launched with an aim of creating awareness amongst students at the institute. Introduce them to the concept of using resources responsibly, understand how to minimize waste, reduce, reuse, upcycle, recycle and creative uses of scrap.

The Scrap Library will have 50 different scrap types available to students to work with.

Seven Bin Waste Segregation Corner is being set up to encourage students on throwing waste responsibly. This will include Foil Wrappers, E Waste, Hard Plastic, Paper/Cardboard, Wood, Fabric, Aluminium/Tins.

Status: Completed in 2021

Being socially conscious and understanding how to reduce scrap or waste that is generated from our households and offices is the need of the hour. This initiative by Alternative Foundation aims to engage individuals of all age groups in creating sustainable, easy and fun products themselves, comparable to any commercial product of the same kind, available in the market today in terms of its look, feel and quality. Every item in the kit is upcycled and is being reused in the process of creating the finished product.


Status: Launching in 2022

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