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They say the most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe, and that has led us to our very first effort in creating a collection of handmade Upcycled Sarees. Elaborate and extravagant weddings and festivities have always been a part of our culture. And a big part of this euphoria is the illustrious, colourful, celebrated attire! Sarees are the epitome of positive emotions that have lived with us in the back of our minds - and eventually in the back of our cupboards, and here was a wonderful opportunity to share those memories with others.


This campaign is about reuse/repurpose/refashioning and we are very grateful to a lot of our friends and well-wishers who donated their lovely sarees to work with. 


Proceeds from this campaign will be utilised for our research activities at the Foundation that mainly involve lifecycle analysis of discarded items.


Please contact us on +91 9922950761/ +91 9689098209  or mail us on for buying the sarees. 


Mustard chanderi cotton saree with banarasi brocade palla & border. (P1) SOLD

Material -chanderi cotton & pure brocade.

Party wear - INR 8000

Purple saree with two toned brocade border and palla. (P2) SOLD

Material- Cotton & synthetic 

Party wear- INR 6500

Lightweight rama green cotton saree with  brocade border. (P3)

Material - cotton

Occasional wear - INR 6000


Green cotton chanderi saree with abla and tassels. (P4)

Material  - cotton

Party wear - INR 5000

Pink light weight saree with bandhani border and tassels.(P5)

Material - cotton & synthetic 

Casual wear- INR 4000


Mustard saree with pink border. (P6)

Material - Silk 

Party wear - INR 6500

Patchwork saree with brocade border and tassels. (P7)

Material - Cotton & synthetic 

Party wear - INR 6500

Light weight indigo saree with patchwork palla and tassels.


Material - cotton  

Occasional wear - INR 5500


Brown  light weight  saree with abla work all over and indigo border. (P8)

Material - cotton & synthetic.

Casual wear - INR 4500


Black cotton saree with silk palla and tassels. (P10) 

Material - cotton & silk

Party wear  - INR 4500.

Light weight blue saree with yellow brocade border and palla. (P11)

Material - Synthetic & Brocade silk 

Party wear - INR 6500

Light weight tomato red saree with blue silk border and palla. (P12)

Material - cotton and silk

Occasional wear - INR 6500

Light weight blue and brown half and half saree with tassels. (P13)

Material - cotton

Casual wear - INR 4000

Light weight green saree with patchwork palla. (P14)

Material - synthetic cotton 

Occasional wear - INR 5000

Campaign Credits:

Partner for Upcycling Sarees: Raavi

Photography:                           Ruhani Studios


Campaign promotion clip

Edit & Colour Correction.        Makarand Dambhare

Photography                           Ruhani Studios

Video Shoot:                           Hemant Kudale

Shoot Support:                        Ketki Kulkarni

Voiceover Artist:                      Pallavi Paranjape

Recording at:                          AK Recording Studio

Royalty free music from          Bensound

All the wonderful women who became an integral part of this campaign.

Arti Kirloskar

Shalan Dhanawle

Mrinmayee Godbole

Sadhana Bhagwat Ksdam

Amita Deshpande

Sanam Gandhi

Dipashree Wani

Parna Pethe

Antje Bauer

Apurva Joshi

Sayali Bhagli-Damle

Sheetal Patil

Pratibha Joshi

Kanchan Bokil

Gitanjali Chaturvedi

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